Top 30 Vegan Influencer’s in India you will love!

Vegan Influencer's in India

Just turned Vegan or are looking for collaboration to reach out to vegan market for your product? Welcome! this article lists Top 30 Vegan Influencer’s in India as the title suggests.

These are individuals or organizations that are promoting plant based lifestyles, following it themselves and actively trying to reach an audience which is receptive.

We had the opportunity and honour to have a small chat with a couple of them to help them reach a wider segment of society. Individuals here are from various walks of life covering all age groups thereby giving you, as a reader, a chance to connect with individuals from your age group and your interest.

Trust us, you would love to get tips from them. Topics discussed by them range from Fitness, Cosmetics, Food to Travel & Journey as motivation for those who are just starting out.

Very frequently, on turning plant based or during transition, we have the following questions in mind:

  • Are there other vegans in our society?
  • Do people know what veganism is?
  • Are there any fashion/cosmetic brands that are vegan?
  • Can I build my body on a plant based diet?
  • Where do I get my protein from and what about B12?
  • I’ve never been to kitchen, how do I cook/bake vegan food?
  • What all places in my city have vegan options?
  • Is veganism expensive or, as a student, will I be able to afford it?
Vegan Transitioning lady

And many many more questions come to mind and preferably we would like someone relatable to be able to guide us. When we can relate to people and their stories, we don’t panic and begin to understand and embed the new information into our minds rather than just rushing through the vast amount of information available online and ending up confused.

Other side of the story would involve people already following plant based diet and vegan lifestyles but not able to reach enough receptive people to spread their knowledge and guide people with all the searches and countless hours invested into studying and experimenting with the diet. Guidance could be related to Plant based Fitness, Fashion Brands to adopt, cooking, vegan travelling and so on.

Aim of this particular post is to connect the 2 ends – Transitioning Individuals can meet experienced vegan/plant based individuals and interact on personal level to cover the gap and save a lot of time. Having had a fair idea of what information rests in this article, let’s get started with our Planet Based Warriors!

Vegan Fitness
Influencer's in India

If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.



Umang has recently launched his Fitness Program called “YODA FITPLAN, OUTWORK ALL”. A quick run through of his Youtube & Instagram channels would give you a fair idea of his work.

Starting out as a vegan at 103 kgs, he transformed himself into a lean mean machine of 82 kgs!

“I turned into vegan and started going to gym to transform myself from the process of an unhealthy lifestyle to a healthier one and in particular to shed weight, eventually leading into a passionate weightlifting.”

His credentials and Protein Sources

Umang works from 8 A.M to 6 P.M in Honda Motors and started fitness as his passion. He has completed his PLANT BASED NUTRITION CERTIFICATION from eCornell NY, and is also pursuing SPORTS NUTRITION CERTIFICATION from ISSA.

His favourite meal which consists of cooked Broccoli (Hari Gobhi), Lentils (Dal), Kidney Beans (Rajma), Tofu (Soy Paneer), Chickpeas (White Channa), Dry Fruits (Peanuts, Almond, Walnut), Green Smoothies, Oats Pancake with Peanut Butter! Connect with him for more such interesting insights!

Get your vegan diet for gym plan from him and get on your merry way to fitness!

Lentils Proteins
Stylish look forever
Protein in 1 Cup of :- Chickpea (14.5 grams), Lentils (17.9 grams), Kidney Beans (13.4 grams), Soy (28.6 grams), Peanuts (17.3 grams)


vegan athlete

vegan athlete

Vegan AthleteBody Builder. Pictures are worth a 1000 words so have a look at his transformation, journey on his Facebook Page. If body building is your passion and you plan to do it ethically, contact him for professional help. Abhishek wears many hats and some of which are ACSM certified personal trainer, ACE certified nutrition specialist, Vegan Athlete (Bodybuilder) | Lifetime natural, Personal Trainer.

For a cruelty free, plant based body building experience, you may connect with him on Instagram
or write to him for online training @ [email protected]

Connect with him for vegan diet for gym plan or gym diet plan for vegetarian!


ajitesh verma

ajitesh verma

A 40 year old Vegan who turned vegan 9 years ago for compassionate reasons. Somewhere during his journey he came across WHOLE FOOD PLANT BASED DIET and figured it is considered among the healthiest diets to follow.

He runs an instagram account where he shows us his lifestyle, fitness levels, guidance for new body builders. Some of the lifts, hangs he does are simply amazing! Our favourite one is where he hangs with 1 hand and sips tea with the other.

Diet and Body exercise guidance is something he can help you out with, so check his profile which goes by the name of “fit.indian.vegan

Vegan Food
Influencer's in India

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.



Vegan Beetroot Vada Pao

Vegan Beetroot Vada Pao

We had the pleasure to meet Mr. Narayanmoorthy in one of the Sunday Farmers Market event which was plant based & zero-waste by nature organized by one of the members from our group coming below. He has experienced, first hand, the benefits of a WHOLE FOOD PLANT BASED DIET and strongly advocates adopting this diet to remain healthy and nourishing the body. He runs a BLOG as well.

It is primarily a collection of recipes that use zero processed or refined ingredients. It is not a commercial blog yet, but plans to work on it soon. The primary aim is to help people tackle and overcome lifestyle diseases through food. The blog is much appreciated and has a small list of followers from across the world.

In his own words “As I am a South Indian, most of the recipes are from that region of India. But there are also several recipes from other parts of India and some from across the world. I am a retired advertising professional whose current passion is healthy and tasty food.” So if you relate to WFPB diet or want to learn more about it, definitely give this blog a look!


Elysian Delights vegan ice cream

Elysian Delights vegan ice cream

Anchit is the Co-Founder of Elysian Delights. As you might know, Elysian Delights is a cafe and also manufactures Vegan Chocolate Spreads (HAZELATE) of High quality with nut butters (peanut, cashew, almond, hazelnut) as well which you may purchase in SHOP. Their food ranged from Pizzas, Garlic breads, Rolls, Pasta, Ice Creams, Pastries etc which was loved by a lot of our customers who traveled distances for one meal!!

So you may hit them up on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK to know more about them and to get tips and tricks on cooking so that you can get started at your own by doing trials and errors and sharing feedback! Start with easy vegan recipes, vegan cakes, indian vegan recipes & share with us! Lock-down has changed scenarios for all so let’s see what future holds!


Vegan Halwa

Vegan Halwa

Let us listen to her story – “I had been a vegetarian since birth and turned vegan around 4 years ago. I wanted to make people understand that it is very easy to be a vegan, especially in India.

So I started writing recipe blogs especially for Indians in order to show that we can make everything at home very easily. Together with this I started selling home made vegan chocolates because it wasn’t easy to find that in markets and even if I did it wasn’t pocket friendly.”

Link to her Blog & Instagram for more details on her work!


She runs a blog website where she shares a lot of recipes, DIY ingredients and sets an example of how a happy & fulfilling life can be lead, being a middle-class vegan (quoted from her website) in India. Get in touch with her and learn for yourself in simple steps.


She is a Vegan Chef at a vegan cafe called Loving Earth Yoga Cafe & you may connect with her on Instagram where she shares some recipes and also her work documented as a chef.


She runs a blog page called Cocoshine which is an attempt to live naturally, minimally and sustainably. “I like to share DIY home and personal care practices, my thinking behind choosing what food we eat and our daily attempts at lowering our waste & adopting a minimalist lifestyle.” Check out her page here!


She believes in cooking with minimal ingredients that take you back to your roots. Her recipes feature her own take on popular cuisines, and she also showcases food from her culture that is vegan by default. Checkout her page here!


She constantly comes up with creative content like – cooking live videos, live talks on her channel and much more!


Very popular among food bloggers and known world over. She has made almost all Indian Dishes in Vegan format and continues to do so in different cuisines. Check her PAGE.





am a Chartered Accountant and a complete foodie. I turned vegan a year ago and as opposed to common belief this did not come in my way of being a foodie at all. I loved cooking earlier too; but I could barely look beyond cheese and paneer when I cooked and even while eating out. To the point that my family teased me that I can’t make anything that doesn’t have one of these two things.

When I turned vegan I started reading up about a balanced vegan diet and I understood that vegan diet is not restrictive but instead we have a plethora of options available on a plant based diet.

I started of by cooking dishes that were naturally vegan and then my culinary passion took a leap when I started veganizing dishes that traditionally contained dairy products. And I just could not stop. That’s when I realised that it was imperative to share my journey and recipes with everyone who was already vegan and missed a few dishes and more important to share with people who wanted to transition to a plant based diet (a diet that aligns with the conscience, is kinder to the animals, earth and our body alike)

It gives me immense joy when non vegans follow my recipes and enjoy the food cooked by me and find it hard to figure out that it’s vegan ! I am left with a hope that world will change one dish at a time. I have made cakes, brownies, punjabi curries, pizzas, pasta, smoothie bowls etc. – healthy and indulgent dishes alike.

I am hoping with the constant love and support coming my way from my followers I can keep sharing amazing recipes that are healthy, cholesterol free, cruelty free and not to forget super yummy. Because us wanting to enjoy food should not cause harm to other innocent living beings. Visit her INSTAGRAM profile to know more.


Vegan Thandai

Vegan Thandai

A very fancy looking page with eye catching images. She promotes wholesome vegan recipes and lifestyle and is from Chennai. Her page goes by the name of “THEVEDICVEGAN“.


She named it this way specifically because she tries to follow simple rules of living and eating which have been passed on from her parents and grandparents. “I’ve done a few courses on related topics of ancient knowledge and they all align. For instance, sticking to wholesome water rich foods is much easier on our digestive system, cooking in earthen pots and drinking water from them retains the nutrients, fasting and abstaining from grain time to time, helps give break to our system and many more such fascinating points.


These simple tips have helped me cure my acne, hairfall, even irregular periods without medication. I am hoping to be able to promote this way of life through this page and by making it relevant and adaptable for the younger generation.” Follow her page here.


Vegan Burger

Vegan Burger

Akriti is the Co-Founder of Forks & Knives, Chandigarh & a Vegan baker, so we definitely have something to learn from her! Let’s see what she has to say – “I am a Chandigarh based Vegan Baker.

I have been vegan for almost 3 years and loving this journey. I usually post about vegan food and recipes on instagram.”

Vegan Lifestyle
Influencer's in India

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.


We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.



A young mind at work, let’s see what she has to say – “Hi! I’m Renuka , a Zero-waste Vegan. I run a personal blog on Instagram where I talk and post about Zero-waste living and how important it is to impact sustainability into our lives.

I also talk about veganism, it’s benefits in protecting environment and the cruelty in slaughter houses. So, anyone who follows me here gets updated with environmental news, can learn about Zero-waste lifestyle, benefits of going vegan and end specieism.


A Zero waste vegan blog. Inspiring young girl set on a mission to spread positivity and zero waste lifestyle knowledge. Check her blog here.


She has recently started a blog called Sweet Potato Life. It is an insight into a simple and compassionate living. Its not just a brand, but its a way of life.

She looks forward to having a beautiful journey together with all of you! Learning – Unlearning, experimenting – accepting and above all, growing to be a better version of ourselves.

The idea is to respect our choices but at the same time be aware of what goes in our body and how it affects you. To be easy on ourselves and our planet because every small step counts.

On her blog, you may find plant based recipes, sustainable life choices and low waste solutions and how she takes an approach to incorporate that in her life. Sounds exciting, why not give it a visit? (Click here)


Vegan Skincare

Vegan Skincare

Here is her story – “Hello! I am Disha Solanki, a full time Project Executive from Mumbai who believes in altruism. I also believe that Veganism is a whole lifestyle, it is not a trend.

My blog is about everything related to vegan lifestyle- food, sustainable living, skincare, hair care, mental health and how a frugal lifestyle can also turn out to be deliciously happy, hearty & healthy!

I guess a major part of my life, it’s memories and experiences, revolves around the surprising turn it takes and the food everywhere!

I plan to share experiences of fellow vegans, small business owners, my vegan journey and my learnings on my blog so that any aspiring or transitioning vegan can get benefited. I dream of a vegan, mindful and conscious world where no living being has to struggle.

Let Mother Earth revive and survive!” A very Noble initiative, lets help her by checking out her PAGE.


We had the opportunity to meet him at our cafe last year and had a great time interacting with a young mature mind! This is what he has to say to all his viewers –

Hey blessed souls!  I went vegan on my 18th birthday as a gift to myself and mother nature. It’s been about 2 years now. Since 2020 started off on a Wednesday, I decided to do a 52 weekly episode Wednesday Wisdom series on my Instagram and YouTube channel.

I do a five minute discussion of a positive quote from me, someone else or even what people suggest to me with the main aim of filing everyone’s mid-week with positivity and charging people’s mind with wisdom and enlightenment.”

So if you are looking to dive deep within yourself and have questions relating to general feelings and your existence, do check this blog.


Vegan cosmetics, we do have a list of vegan cosmetic products and companies in India here. She runs an instagram channel with 11k+ followers that is focussed on make up and cosmetics.

Majority of the products she uses are vegan, but do check for yourself as well because we have not had any discussion with her in length regarding the same. Follow her here.


If you are looking to follow a Gluten Free, Oil Free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free diet – Do buy a book she has launched on Amazon. It has amazing recipes which are healthy & wholesome!

She is involved in social activities and had also conducted a zero-waste, plant based, organic Sunday Market called “Herbivore Gurgaon” in the month of February 2020 which was a success.




From a younger generation segment we have Ms. Muskan Bhuttani who is a 20 y/o vegan ARTIVIST (Activism through Art) based in Delhi, India.

She is a self-taught digital artist and currently makes comics, illustrations, doodles, animations which are showcased on her page ‘The Hoomanizing Bubble’ on Facebook & Instagram to help spread awareness about social (mostly related to non-humans at the moment) and environmental issues.

She would be more than happy to work on designing logos, personalized illustrations and similar areas, on commission basis obviously.

She also plans to start an online store to sell artivism material and help raise funds for more to spread more awareness.

To get in touch with her, email @ [email protected] or connect with her on social media links provided above.


Ankit Puri

Ankit Puri

Having volunteered at animal shelters and environmental NGOs since the age of 15, Ankit had founded Voiceless India in 2017 at 16, with the vision to create a change in society’s perception towards non-human animals and spreading the message of climate action. In 2018, he was recognized with the DLF Pramerica Award for Social Service.

Recently, he was invited as a panelist at a Panel Discussion on Social Entrepreneurship at Christ (Deemed to be University) as well as an NGO Partner at Christ (Bannerghata).

He has graduated in BBA Finance and Accountancy from Christ (Deemed to be University) in the batch of 2020.


Voiceless India is a section-8, not-for-profit organisation that aims to promote Animal Rights, Environment Sustainability and Veganism through direct-impact and advocacy initiatives.

Under Voiceless India, they conduct Animal Rights and Veganism Workshops with students of schools and colleges, a Radio Show on Animal Rights and Environmental Sustainability, Vegan Advertisiement Campaigns, Community Wall Painting Drives, Sterilization Drives, Reflective Collar Drives for street dogs, Cleanliness Drives, Plantation Drives, Vegan Event and Restaurant Outreaches at youth events and many more activities

Website , Instagram (@voicelessindia / @ankitpuri8)

Facebook: @voicelessindia


Email: [email protected]


aware avocado

aware avocado

A very energetic, strong animal activist who gives hilarious twist to very common excuses people give to not give up dairy/meat. Where a lot of people are involved in arguments, she picks the cream layer of excuses and makes videos that will definitely get a smile on your face.

She had successfully organized a few events by the name of Vegan Bazaar (Soulmaal) where vegan brands from different categories joined in to showcase their products and make people try their products first hand. We were honoured to be part of these events.

Visit her page – Aware Avocado – to find more about her videos!


We happened to come across one of the interviews he conducted and were really impressed. So we planned to hear his story which goes like – “I post vegan recipes on my IG handle and spread veganism through my food.

I turned vegan in 2017 November when I realised the suffering and exploitation of animals involved in meat and dairy industry. Animals are here on this planet with us and not for us.

I have started and IG live series every sunday named why choose vegan, where I bring vegan guests to talk about veganism and make everyone aware about it so as to put my tiny effort to end cruelty.

I am not a certified chef, however I have worked in commercial kitchens including a bakery as a Junior Pastry Chef.

I also ran a home delivery dinner business for 6 months where I cooked and delivered food all by myself. I also have a brand named as Better me up which produced almond butters and cashew butters, however it is non functional right now; I have plans of reviving it during next year.”


Vegan FIRST is  social media channel which keeps up to date information about veganism in India and changes around the world. They have articles about the latest vegan cafes that have opened, latest of products launched in the market and so on.

You may follow them to keep updated on their Instagram Page HERE.

Vegan Health
Influencer's in India

Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open



SHARAN (Sanctuary for Health and Reconnection to Animals and Nature) is an organisation devoted to spreading awareness about holistic health and an ecologically sustainable compassionate lifestyle.

They believe that all life on the planet is interconnected. By reconnecting we can heal ourselves and the earth.

Took from their website – “Our mission is to help you regain an optimal quality of life by guiding you to engage actively with your own health. We empower you to make long-term lifestyle changes that will make you as healthy as possible for the rest of your life.”

SHARAN consists of a growing group of doctors and professionals connected by the same vision of what it means to really be healthy with a goal to inspire others to reconnect to their natural state of perfect, vibrant health.

They claim to have positively impacted the lives of over 20,000 people in India and abroad. Follow their website HERE.


Truth is Vegan

Truth is Vegan

We met Harsha in May 2019, just before we started our cafe and he was a total delight! We learnt of his selfless act of spreading veganism at his own cost, trying to get the knowledge across, visiting places & Interviewing people. Extraordinary effort to be honest.

The page that he runs showcases and documents live journey of all individuals he has met during his travel. Page goes by the name of – Vegans Of India. It’s a photoblog of Indian vegans living in India (or visiting India if they are non Indians) from all walks of life.

Another one of his initiatives is Truth Is Vegan, founded by Dr. Harsha Atmakuri, is sincerely dedicated to promote veganism and animal rights activism to fight against the cruelty, that is being done by the humans on the innocent animals.

Truth Is Vegan, also known as TIV, is incorporated on the values of Satya (हिन्दी: सत्य) (meaning: truth), Daya (हिन्दी: दया) (meaning: kindness) and Ahimsa (हिन्दी: अहिंसा) (meaning: non-violence).

TIV emphasizes greatly on the development of empathy towards each sentient being living on the earth. With that being said, being vegan makes us closer to the ultimate truth because the first principle of veganism is empathy (how other feels) and understanding the outer world with the inner self, naturally, somewhere defines nearness to truth.

Vegans Of India, is an interview channel running in parallel to TIV bring you the insightful interviews of the best of vegans all across India. You can also get Vegans Of India interviews here on their website.

So check out the background of people who are now vegans and how they have been trying to make a positive difference, on their page.

P.S. TIV is a non-profit animal rights entity run independently by animal rights activist Dr Harsha Atmakuri (MBBS).

Truth Is Vegan focuses on cruelty-free alternatives, plant-based diet, compassion towards every living sentient being, no discrimination among humans and animals, no speciesism and love towards all.

TIV believes in creating a beautiful world without cruelty is possible. TIV stands for equality, liberty, freedom and respect for all including animals.

There are many more individuals doing great work so the list will keep expanding as we keep interacting with new individuals! To keep upto date, subscribe & SHARE!
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