8 Best Vegan Butter Recipes to Fall in Love with!


BUTTER late, than Never!


Dairy Butter is made from Cow’s milk and is a popular ingredient in cakes, brownies, biscuits, cookies, Indian Sabji and Dishes and so much more. Dairy Butter can be melted or whipped into fluffy form for variety of recipes. Vegan Butter recipes in this article get close in terms of texture and melting capabilities, some of them can be whipped a bit as well.

Dairy butter does add a lot of flavour to your dishes but also seems to have transfat, cholesterol and no fiber this is apart from the known negative impact on environment and animal health.

Traditional ways to take out dairy butter would involve cream formation from milk which is them churned to make butter and packed. But when making vegan butter, this process is not followed. Vegan butter recipes can involve both fermented butters and instant use butters.

We make our own vegan butter in cafe where we use soy milk as base with oils like cold press coconut oil and it’s combinations. Coconut Oil does leave coconut-like flavour in the end result but once you get used to it in 3-4 days of use, it’s all good! Vegan Butter base can be comprised of non-dairy milks like soy, nut or seed milks in combination with oil and other flavours.

Note:  products like cream, butter, oils are all fine only when consumed in small quantities and be it vegan or not – are not very healthy either.

Vegan Butter

Direct substitutes of Dairy Butter are Oils. Preferably use Cold Press Unrefined Oils like coconut milk, sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil and so on. There are nut butters like peanut butter, hazelnut butter, almond butter, cashew butter which are natural and have healthier input in proportionate ratios.

Cocoa Butter is also very much like dairy butter in terms of its texture and melting behaviour but is very expensive and has a chocolate-y aroma which we probably wont like in our everyday salty dishes! But these exist, just for your knowledge. Let us move ahead.

Once you know how to make your vegan milk, or buy store bought, you may follow these listed videos to make yourself some flavour yum vegan butters.

Coconut Butter Recipe (Vegan Butter Recipe)

This is among the simplest of vegan butter recipes. Only condition is that you have a high powered blender or good food processor. Coconut butter has just 1 cheap ingredient which is – Desiccated coconut flakes.

You may add choco chips or cinnamon or vanilla essence or any other such flavouring ingredient to make it more interesting. If the flakes are nicely ground then it is a very smooth butter.

Although, we weren’t a fan of this taste but since its simple and easy plus a similar process is used to make nut butters, it is good to know.

Nut Butter Recipe (Vegan Butter Recipe)

Next step in difficulty level is nut butter! SO in the following video you will see 4 different type of nut butters – peanut butter, almond chocolate butter, pecan butter (if you are rich 😉 and cashew butter. You can buy most of these nut butters from our STORE (shipping in India only, at the moment).

You may add choco chips or cinnamon or vanilla essence or any other such flavouring ingredient to make it more interesting.

Vegan Butter Recipe (with/without Soy)

Now we get to actual butter like texture and consistency making process! So in the following video you will see 2 different type of vegan butters – with soy and without soy depending on your choice. Some people avoid soy due to allergy or personal reasons.

Secret Ingredient Butter (Oil Free & Fiber Rich Vegan Butter)

This recipe calls for a very peculiar ingredients but trust us we have tried this and it was amazing. One of these 2 particular ingredients can be used to make – Vegan PASTA Cream as well! This video uses soy milk but you may use any milk you desire.

This particular Vegan Butter is Oil Free & has good fiber content as well. So something of a healthy butter, if we may say so!

Popular Vegan Butter (Outside India)

This popular vegan butter brand is also into making several types of world famous vegan cheeses. If you get a chance to try the actual brand product, do let us know in comments section about its taste, texture and comparison to any of the above recipes. Miyoko Vegan Cheese and Vegan Butter!

Fermented Vegan Butter Recipe

Dairy butter is a fermented version and that along with salt gives it that flavour which we all like. Why not ferment vegan butter then? It’s simple for home use. So follow this recipe which is the closest we thought in terms of taste.

But we don’t find refined coconut oil in India that easily, ironically. So you may use virgin coconut oil but remember it will have a coconut flavour which needs some getting used to, after which it feels just perfect.

Why Choose Vegan Butter?

Interesting question. Let’s start with the obvious logical explanation that dairy butter is made from cow’s milk which is rightfully its childs’ right and we are having it as luxury. Doesn’t seem right, no?

Second reason is environment, many articles including FORBES, have shown the negative impact of dairy products on the environment. Too mamy resources are wasted in this process. Numbers and percentages can be found on multiple websites, so wont bore you with those details here.

Third reason being health, although any butter is not considered healthy as such, but a few shared above which have no oil are healthy. Vegan butter has less saturated fats and no transfat.

Forth reason is allergy. Lactose Intolerance is becoming increasingly common among many humans. We have also noticed dogs being allergic to milk as well, since we feed many stray animals in and around our location. These 2 may not be related but point being a lot of us don’t come to know when we have lactose intolerance since it is in initial stages.

Lastly, customization  is a huge plus with vegan butters. We can make herb butters, chilli butters and so much more using our own imagination.


This article is definitely going to help out cafe owners, home bakers, transitioning plant based individuals to get started and even perfect vegan butter making process. We have discussed simple nut butters to fermented vegan butters that gives you a wide range of ideas to try and test.

Do SHARE this article and share your experiences with us in the comments section to help us understand what went right and what went wrong with your trials.

If you have any such tried and tested recipe, do write to us through the contact form and we can feature your video here as well.


From one Earthling to Another!

Image Source : Pixabay, Freepik

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